CD: Back Porch Swing - Riding


Acoustic music with a cow-jazz feel, hot licks,great harmonies and styles that cover everything from Billie Holiday to Bill Monroe

1. Not Gettin' Love (written by P. Malmberg)

2. My Dream Is You (written by A. Barrows & D. Hungate)

3. Close Enough To Heaven (written by J. Malmberg)

4. Freight of Love - featuring Matt Hotte on banjo (written by P. Malmberg)

5. Ridin' Down The Fraser Canyon (written by T. Kennedy)

6. That Ain't The Way Bill Played It (written by J. Malmberg)

7. I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby (written by F. Waller & A. Hill)

8. My Notso Fred Astaire (written by J. Malmberg)

9. Francis The Pig (written by J. Malmberg)

10. Holding Up The Sky (written by J. Miller)

11. Grassland Rag - Live at the Vermilion Folk Club (written by C. Neufeld)

12. Spiderman Theme - Live at the Vermilion Folk Club (written by R. Harris & P.F. Webster)